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By Phylis Clay Sparks

The ProsperosophyTM Empowerment Program is a mind-changing, motivating, and powerful journey into greater abundance and happiness!

Phylis Sparks is a professional speaker, teacher, workshop facilitator, counselor and author. To learn more about Phylis click on the button below.

WHY People Invest in the ProsperosophyTM Program!

This program is worth much more than our introductory price!
It features a daily video from Phylis delivered to you by email.
She will walk this 44-day journey with you into greater prosperity and abundance by encouraging, inspiring, and nudging you to keep moving!  You will receive many insights, tools and proven ways
to activate a greater flow of good in your life! 

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ONLY $189 (introductory offer)

This powerful program helps you lift your habits of thinking, feeling and actions that shape your experience of life according to your dreams and desires! Phylis is there with you as you receive a video from her every day with a message and mind-changing statement. There are 49 videos in total, that have been designed to help you slide into greater and greater prosperity, happiness, freedom, love, and healthy well-being! You will also have access to a live coaching session with Phylis via her monthly webinar.


"Phylis has been coaching me for several years and she is such a blessing

to have in my life. I've had so many breakthroughs in all areas of my life as

a result of working with Phylis."

-Dave K

"Do this…NOW! This program opened my eyes to MY abundance. I’m talking about abundance beyond money, beyond material anything. By slowing my mind down to focus on what’s important to me, what gives me solace, what infuses joy I was able to acknowledge more of what I want for me and peacefully know it’s mine for the taking. For sure this isn’t a magic trick or some sort of mystical woo-woo, this program is a game changer, a lifestyle upgrade. By the way, using this program I was able to see how money is just energy; and I wanted more to flow into my life. You guessed it, it did! "
-Diane Mclain     

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